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Offering reliable and affordable ISO 9001 Certification Services, Kosher Certification, CE Marking, GMP Certification, REACH Certification, RoHS Certification, C-TPAT Certification, US FDA Registration, Halal Certification, BIFMA Certification, Third Party Inspection, Pre Shipment Inspection, etc

Industries we cater

  • Engineering products inspection – Our services include checking of products through various types of tests, measurements or any other inspecting tool or method feasible
  • Automobile products – The services are ideal for all automobile products manufacturers, irrespective of whether the firm is indulged in manufacturing products for two wheeler, three wheelers or four wheelers
  • Textile products inspection – From silk, wool, linen to cotton, rayon and polyester, our services cater to apparels made from all types of fabrics
  • Leather products inspection – One of our most popular services, since it helps to differentiate and identify products made from pure leather
  • Handicraft & artificial jewelry – Two sectors which probably have the biggest instances of fakes, our services help to differentiate the real handicrafts & artificial jewelry from the fake
  • Equipment inspection – Our certification and inspection services cater to a wide range of equipments used in industries such as construction, marine, electrical and electronics etc.
  • Metal & metal products – Our services can be availed for products made up of metals such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum and many more
  • Food products – Aimed for those who give absolute importance to maintaining food quality and hygiene
  • Electrical and optical equipments – We are one of the few firms indulged in providing certification and inspection services of electrical and optical equipments

Engineering products inspection services

We have a dexterous and efficient team of professionals who have extensive expertise in inspection of various engineering products. The range of our engineering products inspection services comprises of,

  • Pre-production check – Encompasses all phases of the pre production process such as checking the quality of raw materials, machinery etc.
  • Initial production check – Inspecting the initial production process and analyzing whether its following the pre laid out plan
  • During production check – Pretty much like the initial production check, with the only difference being it's done more thoroughly and in a detailed way
  • Final random inspection – Herein we check the complete manufactured product and inspect it through multiple parameters
  • After the completion of the aforementioned steps, we help firms achieve the requisite certification

Equipment inspection

Our exhaustive gamut of equipment inspection services helps firms to conform to all the relevant requirements such as quality, statutory, safety etc. needed to receive the requisite certification. Our skilled engineers conduct on site inspection and evaluate the performance of equipments when they are in operation

We provide extensive global vendor inspection, QA/QC and expediting services for all major kinds of mechanical, rotating, electronic and electrical equipment. Our services encompass all of the following,

  • Comprehensive auditing of vendors, all of which are done prior to PO award
  • Expediting – This ensures the whole process is accelerated, which in turn increases efficiency
  • New build equipment inspection services
  • Mill inspection and surveillance
  • Thorough inspection of temporary as well as movable or portable equipments,
  • Inspection of the whole shipping process – This is done to ascertain that the equipment is shipped in a good condition and also indicates whether the shipping method is good enough or not

Textile products/ apparels inspection

We are also engaged in providing various inspection and certification services relating to the textiles/apparels sector. To summarize, our inspection and certification services include

  • Checking whether the description on the garments is correct or not, checking the color fastness of the garments and analyzing whether their look is exactly like what it was meant to be
  • Quantity checking
  • Inspection of the whole package and also comprehensive checking of the packaging items through methods such as carton drop testing etc.
  • Measuring the size of garments and also their weight
  • Inspecting whether the labeling on garments is correct or not
  • Thoroughly checking the apparels for any outside organisms such as molds or insects
  • Metal detection checking

Leather products inspection

Its common knowledge that instances of fake leather being passed of as pure leather are increasing everywhere. To solve this ever persisting problem in the leather industry, we offer leather products inspection services. Our services include,

  • Identifying whether the leather is pure or not
  • Thoroughly checking the leather on various parameters such as performance, strength and wear
  • Checking whether the leather has optimal color fastness or not
  • Also inspecting if the leather has come from questionable sources such as from animals whose hunting is illegal
  • Inspection of size of the leather and also its weight testing
  • Labeling check
  • Inspecting and identifying whether molds and insects are present
  • Sampling

Handicraft and artificial jewelry

Handicrafts and artificial jewelry are probably two categories where s proper and comprehensive inspection is absolutely necessary. Our trained inspectors render these services according to the exact requirements of clients. Starting from testing these on multiple parameters such as quality, labeling, design to checking quantity, labeling and inspection for outside materials, our services provide definitive results about handicraft and artificial jewelry.

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